FACEBOOK T&Cs Changes - Photographers Beware!

When it comes to copyright and owning the product of one's creations, creatives like Photographers, Illustrators, Musicians etc are always wary about where and how much to share without web site hosting and social media site owners taking advantage of these artistic products for commercial gains.

Take for example sites like Facebook, Squarespace, SmugMug, Flickr, Vimeo etc where creatives upload photos and videos. These sites offer  free and/or subscription-based services to host, publish and share your photos with your clients, family and friends but the cost could be a loss of privacy and control of one's artistic work. It's a matter of convenience versus what you think you can afford to give up in terms of your rights.

Fundamentally, by default, our rights are governed by global and local country copyright laws as is our rights to privacy but legalese on hosting sites privacy and terms and conditions of use sometimes are too convoluted, long and difficult to understand that most people just skip pass reading these in full, trusting that these service providers will abide by the appropriate policies and rules of the day. 

I came across this warning by Richard Harrington (member of American Society of Media Photographers) about Facebook's latest terms and conditions changes and I wanted to share this with everyone so that we are aware of the pitfalls and start looking at ways to mitigate the potential risks. For me I will start removing photos I have posted to my Business page on Facebook and only add links to my portfolio on SquareSpace from now on. 

Here is the link to Richard's warning.